Roshna S H

Dr. Roshna S H is a scientist by profession with more than five years of teaching experience at graduate and postgraduate levels. She has obtained a Ph.D. from IIT Madras after M.Sc., M. Phil in Physics. She has also cleared CSIR-NET and GATE with top ranks. She is a constant content creator through publications in peer-reviewed international journals and by writing concept based blog articles. She has research experiences in diverse areas spans from atmospheric science to optics as well as spintronics and magnetism. She has obtained awards and recognitions at various international platforms for her contributions as scientific articles and oral presentations. Dr. Roshna completed her Ph.D. with exposure at American physical society, Material research society, University of Oxford, etc. She focuses on communicating the concepts with utmost clarity in the simplest possible way.

Machine Learning Interview Questions (Part-8)

We have published seven modules of interview questions in machine learning and answers so far on this website. This is yet another addition to the series of discussion on frequently asked questions in machine learning job roles. Whether stochastic gradient descent or gradient descent is computationally complex? Gradient descent is computationally complex. After identifying a …

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Recognising Songs of Endangered Bird Species from Kerala using Deep Learning Techniques

Overview Birds are an incredibly diverse group of animals found all over the Earth. With over 10,000 known species, they come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, and they play a vital role in maintaining the delicate balance of ecosystems around the world. One of the most important roles that birds play is that of …

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decision tree

Decision Tree: A Machine Learning Algorithm

Decision tree is a non-parametric supervised machine learning algorithm which makes use of a tree like structure to make decisions. Decision tree algorithms can be used for both classification and regression though it is mostly meant for classification tasks. Decision trees consist of three types of nodes such as root node, leaf nodes and decision …

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Machine learning Interview Questions (Part-7)

This is another addition to the series of machine learning (ML) interview questions and answers that have been published on this website. What are Sigmoid function and softmax functions? Explain the difference Sigmoid and softmax functions are functions used for the classification tasks in machine learning and deep learning. Both Sigmoid function and softmax function …

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Emotional Intelligence: A trait to success

Emotional intelligence can be understood as an ability to know our own emotions and being able to handle it in the best ways. Studies revealed intelligent quotients contribute 20 % of success in our life whereas 80% comes from our emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence helps people to stay calm and hopeful when a difficult situation …

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