Machine learning Interview Questions (Part-4)

Differentiate between local optimization and global optimization Optimization is a process of assigning a set of inputs to an objective function that can extract the best possible output from the objective function. Local optimization tries to find extrema points, i.e., maxima or minima of the objective function in some specific or predefined region of the …

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Open Research In Machine Learning

The culture and growth of scientific research in various domains are interesting to observe. For many decades traditional scientific research has been accessible or done in academia or research institutes. Each decade or century witnessed various sciences rising to the limelight. Once it was physical sciences, then it was biological science, the age of computers, …

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Review of RL Tutorial from Center for Brains Minds and Machines

The Center for Brains, Minds and Machines (CBMM) is a premier institute and NSF Science and Technology Center dedicated to the study of intelligence. The website and Youtube channel of the institute contains a good number of tutorials and educational materials that help anyone interested in topics related to neuroscience, machine intelligence, etc. This tutorial …

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Mathematics for Machine Learning Resources

Mathematics for Machine Learning Resources

Every day, computational fields like machine learning, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, cryptography, etc. are making great progress. Anyone pursuing a career in all such fields might be looking for a solid foundation. If we dig deeper, we often trace back to the Queen of Science- Mathematics. How to learn mathematics for machine learning To learn mathematics …

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machine learning reading group

Machine Learning Reading Groups

This is a curated list of resources, blogs, YouTube channels/playlists, and special interest groups which discuss machine learning papers. These machine learning reading groups are an excellent opportunity for anyone working in machine learning to improve their knowledge and skillset and also to network remotely. For any machine learning or data science aspirant or even …

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