Emotional Intelligence: A trait to success

Emotional intelligence can be understood as an ability to know our own emotions and being able to handle it in the best ways. Studies revealed intelligent quotients contribute 20 % of success in our life whereas 80% comes from our emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence helps people to stay calm and hopeful when a difficult situation arises. The people with emotional intelligence perceive their emotions as a normal response to the situations and will not regret it or give a heavy thought about it later. Thereby the people with emotional intelligence can acquire more productive time and lead a peaceful life compared to people with less emotional intelligence.

Whether emotion follows your intellect or intellect follows your emotions is also a decision taken based on your emotional intelligence. Emotionally intelligent people connect with themselves as well as with their emotions.

Common traits of people with emotional intelligence

People are unique in their traits and so are their emotions and reactions to it. However, there are some close resemblances in the traits of people with appreciable emotional intelligence as follows,

  1. They don’t see a bad experience in their past as an obstacle to their bright future. Emotionally intelligent people don’t try to drag a pattern to their future from a series of negative experiences they have encountered in the past. They see things as quite natural and take it lightly. They don’t believe the negative things that happened can have a consistent existence in their future. To be concise, they don’t limit their future based on the past.
  2. They take the responsibility of their emotions and try to handle it in the best possible way. The focus will be on finding the solutions and not on blaming the people around. 
  3. They realize life is a mix of good and bad. They exhibit strength to handle failures and normalcy to welcome success.  
  4. They are capable of taking decisions to change their life. They calculate the risk factor in advance and move forward with awareness to handle the hindrances on the way. They are endowed with the perseverance to wait for the right outcome instead of getting satisfied with any little prior to their goal. 
  5. They know, every phase in life is temporary and it will change. This helps them to lead a satisfactory life during their ups and downs. They won’t get lost in miseries or over excited at times of flourishment.  
  6. They live as per their free will and social conditioning cannot impact them.
  7. They are capable of making every bitter experience as opportunities to learn. They realize because of such experiences, they have evolved to become better people. They won’t regret it.
  8. They are intelligent and selective while choosing relationships. They try to stay away from people who try to interfere or manipulate their decisions.
  9. They approach chaotic situations in life with patience, insights and thoughtfulness. When a confusing and difficult situation arises in life, they won’t get shattered and feel hopeless, instead they keep the faith that they can handle it. 
  10. They are sensitive to the emotions of others. Sametime, they are aware of the skepticism around their emotions. They know that anger can be a cover of sadness, hatred can be masked with love. So, they are intelligent enough to refuse the first impulse of emotions.
  11.  They possess self-awareness, know what they are feeling, why they are feeling and the immediate step of action.
  12. They are able to manage distressing emotions and appear confident. 
  13. They perceive life as valuable and beautiful no matter whatever the hardships they cross along their way.
  14. They are capable of cheering up the people around at times of their despair, but they  maintain their own emotions regulated. 

Every type of intelligence is an ability to tackle a particular type of challenge. It can be technical, mathematical, linguistic or business related and so on. But what if a person is clever and he acquires quite a lot of fortunes out of their intelligent quotient but makes a mess out of it. So, emotional intelligence is a necessary trait to enjoy the fruits of all other type of intelligence. 

Emotional intelligence is not a talent acquired by birth, it often develops from experiences in life, mistakes, failures and difficult situations. Emotional intelligence is a way of getting involved and evolved with life.

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