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Complementary Actions

I always asked myself what is the best way to do various things. I mean to do more in less time and in an efficient manner.

Things like how to study better?. How to think better?. How to manage time better?. How to solve problems quickly?. How to wake up early?. Such questions are always exciting to me.

To be frank, I might have spent many hours searching for answers to such questions. I got a few answers here and there which I am going to share here. I would like to call them Complementary Actions.

By this I mean two things or activities that might seem unrelated yet doing one thing improves the other.

Complementary Actions for Productivity

Big picture —————————Breaking down things
Intuitive Understanding———————–Ideas
Taking break———————Solving problems
Plan —————————Save time

The first one in this is writing and thinking. Writing helps us to think better, organize our thoughts.

The second one is teaching and learning. These days it is called in the name of the Feynman technique. Ask yourself what is the names of subjects you studied in your Bachelors/Masters? Can’t recollect fully? Chances are high for you to explain the whole concept in which you took the college seminar even today!. Teaching makes one learn better. As Einstein and Feynman said if you can’t teach it then you don’t understand it.

Another technique is to ask questions on a topic to kick start your brain and focus on the topic. Questions can be never-ending and you may not find answers for most of the questions but still, it is extremely helpful.

Visualizing helps us to remember and absorb things very fast. I always think in terms of some visuals. If I can’t come up with a visual image, a piece of text or book or equation, a vague memory of these take place for the visual representation.

If you have a big picture of a concept that can write a computer program for something then it means you can modularise it into individual blocks. Breaking down a large thing into individual components is a valuable skill in troubleshooting.

I have experienced this is troubleshooting hardware issues/bugs. Having an intuitive understanding of something helps us to come with good ideas on unexpected occasions.

Another one I faced is when we are stuck at some problem for a while, without much hope in solving it. Taking a break and articulating our problem to someone else along might show us the answer from somewhere.

Having at least a rough plan and todo list saves time and improves productivity.

All these could be personal, I may be different from someone else but there could be someone like me benefiting from these!. All these might seem miracle but I have experienced these many times.

The idea here is why don’t we practice these in different aspects (e.g. solving problems in life). This list here is not exhaustive. I will revisit and update as I encounter more of these. I hope these would work for someone else also.

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