machine learning reading group

Machine Learning Reading Groups

This is a curated list of resources, blogs, YouTube channels/playlists, and special interest groups which discuss machine learning papers. These machine learning reading groups are an excellent opportunity for anyone working in machine learning to improve their knowledge and skillset and also to network remotely.

For any machine learning or data science aspirant or even a seasoned professional currently working in the industry, they need to stay updated with the latest developments. Online courses and tutorials often do a better job, but more often the first source you are most likely to hear a deep discussion about any topic might be from such subject interest groups.

After every year, we see a lot of crowdsourcing efforts where people gather from all over the world online to share knowledge and learn from each other. Reading groups discuss the latest research happening from the industry and academia through a community effort.

Following is a minimal set of such groups but really good for intermediate stage ML/AI enthusiasts.

Although this is not an exhaustive list, it covers major machine learning journal clubs or reading groups videos/resources available for free online.

Such groups often employ communication tools like slack, zoom, google meet, and discord to organize activity among the pool of people from all over the world. The respective pages contain information regarding the instruction to join these channels and attend live sessions virtually.

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