A Curated List of Undergraduate Courses

A strong foundation flags off a voyage to knowledge and success. I am curating a list of free undergraduate courses. All of them are freely available on YouTube.

This list particularly focuses on math-oriented courses. The reason for that is because most of the underlying concepts in various fields can be explained using mathematical principles. The motivation behind this blog itself is to create a resource of such concepts which are explained using a layman’s language.



Once we have enough fundamental building blocks, we can creatively combine them to create or understand advanced concepts. Two scenarios are possible in this regard. One is the process of breaking down a complex idea into its fundamental components and the other is to create advanced concepts.

If you observe enough you can see that scientific research is often done in three ways. One is physical experiments, empirical research, and theoretical research. Theoretical research has become the defacto standard because of its fundamental nature. The rules of nature are written in the language of mathematics and to understand that it is essential to learn the alphabets which construct it.

Undergraduate materials don’t assume much of prerequisites. Such resources are ideal for someone persistent and patient enough to follow and upskill themselves.

This is not a complete list of free undergraduate courses, but contains a few interesting courses that help you build strong foundational concepts. If you are looking for more granular level ideas which is often the foundations to these courses, please see here.

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