Month: December 2020

machine learning reading group

Machine Learning Reading Groups

This is a curated list of resources, blogs, YouTube channels/playlists, and special interest groups which discuss machine learning papers. These machine learning reading groups are an excellent opportunity for anyone working in machine learning to improve their knowledge and skillset and also to network remotely. For any machine learning or data science aspirant or even …

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Probability Primer

Introduction This post is going to be a short and birds-eye view of probability theory. During my undergraduate days, I often wonder what is the use of probability theory provided its fluctuating nature. For example chance of getting ahead by tossing a fair coin is 0.5. Suppose we got the head the first time, there …

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distributional reinforcement learning

Summary of research paper “A Distributional Perspective on Reinforcement Learning”

Overview In this note about distributional reinforcement learning, I am going to reflect on the paper titled A Distributional Perspective on Reinforcement Learning. I will try to give an overview of the underlying ideas behind this paper. Please keep in mind that a research contribution is often a culmination of multiple ideas/components. This makes from …

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linear regression

An Intuitive Explanation of Linear Regression

Linear regression is one of the algorithm machine learning enthusiasts start to learn first. In this article, l will walk you through the linear regression intuition. We will implement the basic form of it without using any machine learning packages. The main philosophy of supervised machine learning algorithms is to learn from data. The algorithms …

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